Terms & Conditions


General Terms and Conditions


  1. The word “company” means stc wherever it is mentioned, and “customer” means who requested the service. 
  2. This contract is for an indefinite period and the customer can cancel the contract at any time. 
  3. The company provides the customer with the required services after fulfilling all service conditions and requirements, according to the technical possibility available at the customer's location and network resources.
  4. The customerx benefits from the services provided by the company in exchange for the fees specified in the pricing of the company's services, and it may reduce or increase these prices after the expiration of at least one year from the date of establishing / activating the service for the customer, or the expiration of the minimum contract period, whichever is higher, unless the Authority decides Another period, provided that the customer is notified of the amendments 60 days prior to the date of entry into force of the amendment or as decided by the Authority, and the customer’s approval of his desire to continue the service contract in accordance with the new amendments must be obtained before they enter into force.
  5. The service contract comes into effect on the date the service is activated for the customer.
  6. The company is not entitled to cancel the service before the end of the subscription period without a legal reason that permits it to do so.
  7. The customer is obliged to comply with all the rules, regulations, and legal documents of the company.
  8. The customer is exempt from any costs in case the company fails to deliver the service and activate it on time.
  9. The service provider is committed, in case of not providing the minimum download speed for the customer, to address this by fulfilling the obligations stated in the regulations of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, including but not limited to the document on the regulations for the protection of the rights of customers of communication services and information technology and the terms and conditions for providing services. If it is proven that the reason for not providing the minimum speed is attributable to the company, appropriate solutions will be proposed for the customer.
  10. The customer acknowledges their consent to the company's collection and use of their information for the purpose of providing and improving its services, while the company takes all appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of this information and not disclose it to any party under any circumstances except upon the request of the Communications and Information Technology Commission or any competent authority to ensure compliance with the company's privacy policies.
  11. In case of failure to meet the quality of service standards due to the service provider, settlement is made for the customer in accordance with the settlement mechanism applied in the company, according to the regulations of the Commission.
  12. Individual services are designed for personal use only, and commercial and legal entities are not allowed to use these services. In case of any malfunction or misuse that harms the company or any of its customers, or violates public morals or abuses its use in any way, the company has the right to take appropriate measures to protect its rights, including the complete or partial suspension of the service, with the customer being responsible for the amounts resulting from the misuse.
  13. The customer is not entitled to claim the number that has been issued if the company is unable to activate it, except for distinctive numbers for which a fee has been paid, and in case of inability to issue the distinctive number, it will be compensated with another distinctive number from the same category.
  14. To provide the best quality of services, stc may store some data, protect it, and share it with its affiliated companies, ensuring the use of the latest data protection systems and procedures.
  15. The customer has full control over the subscribed services and can monitor the usage data of the service continuously through the Jawwy mobile application, and the company's website.
  16. The customer cannot enjoy the local internet service without purchasing an internet package or add-on.
  17. The customer must activate the international roaming service for internet service according to usage outside the packages, as the company does not activate this service automatically to avoid charging the customer any financial obligations without their consent.
  18. stc reserves the right to make modifications, changes, or cancellations to loyalty programs, such as the expiration of points, transfer rates, or types and values of rewards, and the company shall not be liable or compensate any loyalty program members.
  19. The customer can keep their balance and use it only if their number is activated and valid for use.
  20. The customer can transfer their remaining balance only in case of canceling or relinquishing the service to any other number belonging to the company.
  21. For the Flex or Basic package subscription, the customer can choose to renew it automatically.
  22. Value-added tax applies to all Jawwy packages during the recharge process, so the customer is exempt from paying any additional amounts when subscribing to the package.
  23. The customer can subscribe to the package more than once during the offer period.
  24. The validity of the benefits granted in the offer is for a specified period according to the offer.
  25. The billing unit will be every (30) seconds for local calls, (60) seconds for international calls, and (100) kilobytes for the Internet.
  26. In case the customer has multiple packages at the same time, usage priority will be given to the package that will expire first, except for the Unlimited Social package.
  27. Unlimited benefits are limited to the mobile number used when purchasing the package and cannot be shared.
  28. The customer can purchase any number of packages or add-ons without a maximum limit, noting that the packages or add-ons cannot be used until the package is consumed or the package validity period ends.
  29. Jawwy SIM card is sold through digital and traditional channels.
  30. Contacting customer service is through the Jawwy website and mobile application or through Jawwy's social media channels.
  31. The customer will be notified when 80% of the package is consumed through the mobile application or a text message.
  32. When roaming, fees will be charged for using other countries' networks based on those countries' roaming rates.
  33. If the customer requests to use Jawwy services (one of the stc packages) for a mobile number registered with other operator, it is necessary to transfer the number to stc.
  34. The transfer procedures will be completed within the legally specified period.
  35. The customer acknowledges and accepts all the provisions of this contract.
  36. In case the number is canceled, the customer is not entitled to claim their number after the legal period has elapsed, and the company has the right to assign the number to another customer after the final cancellation.
  37. The customer can access branch locations through the link https://www.jawwy.sa/ar/content/storeLocator
  38. The customer's balance will be valid for use for one year from the date of canceling the last number on the account. This balance can be used in case of adding a new number to the same account. Any amount within the usage balance can be transferred to another stc SIM card.
  39. In case of not meeting the quality of service standards, compensation will be considered for the customer in accordance with the regulations of the Communications, Space & Technology Commission. For claims or support, please contact customer service at https://www.jawwy.sa/ar/content/support
  40. To read the privacy notice details, please visit the following link https://jaw.ee/stc-privacy
  41. In case of any conflict between the Arabic text and the English text, the Arabic text shall prevail and be considered the official and binding text.



Digital Offers Specific Terms & Conditions.


  1. Buying new eSIMs, and subscription to digital offers are available through electronic outlets only.
  2. The customer can control the services of digital offers and communicate with customer service through digital channels only.
  3. Submission and processing of customer requests and complaints for digital offers shall be limited to electronic channels.
  4. Recharges for the digital offers eSIMs are limited to electronic payment methods only.

Basic Services Provided


  1. For more information about Jawwy packages, please visit the Jawwy website at https://www.jawwy.sa
  2. Jawwy Replacement SIM: In case of SIM loss, if the customer applies for a replacement SIM during the service period, the customer can obtain a replacement SIM with the same number, and the customer will bear the reissuance fees.
  3. Calls to (9200) numbers are included in the available local minutes in the offer. If the package is expired, the call cost will be deducted from the usage balance at a rate of 15 halalas per minute.
  4. Calls to short access codes consisting of four to six digits are counted within the included local minutes in the package. When the minutes are exhausted, the call will be charged according to the in-network call rate.
  5. Calls to three-digit service numbers, customer service numbers of other operators, and emergency numbers are free of charge.
  6. Shared revenue service numbers and short codes consisting of four or more digits starting with 700 are charged based on the specific rate for each number following 700.
  7. Jawwy offers package deals only and does not provide usage credit for local minutes and data.
  8. For more information, please refer to the package card.

Customer's Obligations


  1. The customer shall comply with all laws, regulations and provisions of the document of conditions for providing communication and information technology services, and the rights and obligations of customers and service providers and the instructions regulating the services provided to him.
  2. The information of the Customer ID must be correct and accurate, and any error in the information that customer provided may delay the process of establishing the service or cause it to be rejected.
  3. The customer is obligated to notify the company of any changes to his/her national address and contact numbers.
  4. The customer is responsible for the validity of the data and information he provides in the service request and bears full responsibility for its inaccuracy, and he is obligated to notify the company of any changes in it.
  5. The customer is responsible for paying all fees for the service (s) issued from his phone, regardless of the method by which the service was carried out from his phone or the identity of the person who used it.
  6. When the customer loses his SIM, he must inform Jawwy (stc) immediately in order to release his responsibility from any future consequences that may result from the number registered in the customer’s name.
  7. The customer acknowledges that the service established is for personal use and the not give it to third parties, or waived or disposed of without following the statutory procedures and to cancel service when not needed, and responsibility for any irregularities occur as a result of the failure to do so. The use of the services for advertising purposes is also prohibited.

Information Protection


  1. The customer acknowledges and agrees to the company's collection and use of their information for the purpose of providing and improving its services. The company will take all appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and security of this information and will not disclose or disclose it to any third party unless allowed or required by the applicable regulations in the Kingdom, or with the customer's explicit consent or the consent of their authorized representative, or upon request from the Communications and Information Technology Commission or any authorized government entity.
  2. By obtaining the service, the customer allows the company to exchange their credit information with other credit institutions.
  3. The company has the right to verify the accuracy of the customer's information through the relevant authorities.



Complaint Handling Procedure:



  1. Customers have the right to submit a complaint to the service provider regarding their service through any of the channels provided by the company, which are the Jawwy mobile application, the company's website support.jawwy.sa, or sales outlets. The complaint should be submitted within 60 days from the date of the incident, unless the customer was unaware of the incident at that time.
  2. The complaint will be processed within five days from the date of opening the dispute.
  3. The customer will be provided with a reference number for their complaint and the expected duration for its resolution through a text message or email.
  4. A written response will be provided to the customer regarding their complaint through a text message, email, or phone call.
  5. The company must notify to the customer in case of any delay in resolving the complaint before the specified deadline and inform them of the expected time to resolve their complaint.
  6. Customers have the option to escalate their complaint to the Communications and Information Technology Commission if the complaint is not resolved within the specified period (5 days) or if they are dissatisfied with the resolution process mentioned on the commission's website https://www.cst.gov.sa/ar/services/complaints

Modification or Cancelling the Services


  1. Services can be modified or canceled through the official Jawwy website and application, which are available in the app stores.
  2. Customers can contact customer service and submit complaints to the service provider through the Jawwy website, application, and social media accounts.


Cancellation, and Suspension of Services


The company has the right to suspend or cancel the service from the customer for any of the following reasons:


  1. The customer's violation of the terms or conditions stated in the service contract.
  2. Non-payment of the customer's dues to the company, unless those dues are the subject of a dispute.
  3. The customer did not respond by updating his information when requested to do so, or it was proven that he provided false or forged information to the company.
  4. If the legal status of the customer changes, including the death of the customer, the expiration date of the ID, or leaving the Kingdom permanently for a non-citizen, according to the periods specified by the Communications, Space and Technology Commission.
  5. In the event of the death of the customer, the company will suspend the service from the date of notification or knowledge of the death, and the heirs may (within the period specified by the Authority) choose to continue the service and transfer it to the name of one of them, and bear all the rights and responsibilities incurred by the customer or cancel the service.
  6. The end of the specified date for using the service without the customer taking the procedures to extend the service date.
  7. The validity of the number is 90 days from the last paid activity (such as using data, sending a text message or multimedia message, making a call, or recharging the balance).
  8. The customer may transfer the service to another customer, provided that there are no outstanding amounts owed to the company (and not disputed) for the service being transferred and the transferee, according to the approved procedures according to the policy of each package or service.
  9. The customer cannot refund or modify the packages or add-ons immediately after their use, using only a part of them, or after their expiration.
  10. Suspension of data services in case the customer consumes the entire amount of the data subscribed to the package.
  11. In the event of the customer's death, the heirs may choose between continuing the service and transferring it to the name of one of them, assuming all the rights and responsibilities of the original customer, or canceling the service. The company may terminate the service after 30 days from the date of notification or knowledge of the death if the heirs do not specify their position.
  12. If a request for suspension or cancellation is received from CST the number will be canceled or suspended immediately without referring to the customer.
  13. The service will be canceled if the customer does not download the Jawwy mobile application and activate the service within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  14. If the customer downloads the mobile application and activates the SIM through it, and then does not take advantage of the service, the number will be canceled after 90 consecutive days of inactivity of any paid use.
  15. The company has the right to suspend or terminate the service when misusing the service by sending advertising text messages or SPAM text messages from a mobile phone.



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