Get Double Data with Jawwy's SIM 70

Get Double Data with Jawwy's SIM 70

Order the Jawwy SIM 70 today and get 20 GB fast data, 500 any-network minutes plus unlimited WiFi for only 70 SAR*. Valid 30 days.



  • What is the SIM-70 double data offer?

    t's a limited-time promotional SIM that gives you double data of the new SIM 70, so when you purchase it online, you will get 10GB national data, with an additional 10GB as a gift from Jawwy, 500 national minutes, in addition to Unlimited Wi-Fi access on stcwifi, all these benefits are valid for 30 days for 70 SAR (With no initial cash balance).

    **Prices mentioned excluding VAT, 5% will be added at the time of payment.

  • If I purchase the SIM-70 during the offer period, will I be able to renew it later?

    Yes if you purchased the SIM-70 during the offer, you will be able to purchase the offer again for 90 days from the time of activating your SIM.

  • Can I gift the new Combo-70 double data offer to my friends in Jawwy?

    No, the data are not giftable.

  • Can I share the SIM-70 double data offer with my devices under the same account?

    Yes, you can share the data and minutes but not the unlimited STCwifi,.

  • Does the new Combo-70 double data plan renew automatically?

    The data are not auto renewable, but the offer is easy to repurchase from the shop in the Jawwy App under the “Hot deals” section.

  • If I haven’t consumed all my SIM-70 double data, can I carry them over to the next month?

    No, the data are valid for one month only from the time of purchase.

  • When does the SIM-70 double data offer expires?

    It is a limited time offer and we will give advance notice of when it will end. In the meantime, enjoy!

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