• What are Jawwy Pro packages?

    It is a limited time offer has unlimited local minutes and a good data amount for local use to all Jawwy customer.

  • What are the types of pro packages do you offer? And what are the benefits?

    We provided awesome offers to our customer which is:

    1- Jawwy Pro 30 – comes with 30 GB plus unlimited voice (All other operators and landlines) for 130 SAR.
    2- Jawwy Pro 60 – comes with 60 GB plus unlimited voice (All other operators and landlines) for 180 SAR.
    3- Jawwy Pro 120 – comes with 120 GB plus unlimited voice (All other operators and landlines) for 220 SAR.

    Note: The price doesn't include the 15% VAT as it has already been collected when purchasing the recharge, for more information,
    click here.

  • What is the validity of Jawwy Pro packages?

    The Add-on is valid for 30 days form time of purchasing it.

  • How can I purchase the new Pro Packages?

    At the door steps already! Well, just follow these simple steps:
    1. Launch your Jawwy App.
    2. Navigate to “Shop” section.
    3. Click on the "Hot deals" tab.
    4. Select the package you are interested in.
    5. Click on "Buy".
    6. Click on "Confirm Order".

  • Can I share the Jawwy Pro Add-On among my devices under the same account?

    Yes, you can share the data benefits among your devices under the same account but you cannot share the unlimited minutes.

  • Can I gift the Add-On of the new recharge offer to other Jawwy subscribers?

    Yes. you can gift the Add-On to another Jawwy number in different account. Be noted if you received or gifted the Add-On , the gift receiver will not be able to share it amount his/her devices.

  • Can I purchase the new Jawwy Pro packages twice or more at the same time?

    Yes. you can activate more than one package at a time.

  • When the new Jawwy Pro expires?

    It is a limited time offer and we will announce the expiry date, keep enjoying!

  • If I have flexible plan and Jawwy Pro Package which one will be consumed first?

    A priority of consumption will be for the bundle that expired first.

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