What's "Pay with Jawwy"?

"Pay with Jawwy" is an easy way that uses your Extra Service Credit to pay for a host of content and entertainment services. You can use Pay with Jawwy to subscribe to exciting content services such as StarzPlay or Shahid Plus as well as buy Apps from Google Play store.

• It’s quick and simple
• It makes you track and monitor your spend
• It gives you special discounts and promos


How to pay on Google Play using Jawwy?

This only works with the Saudi store, so make sure to use a Google account where the locale is set to KSA. Also, you need to have a Jawwy SIM in the device from which you’ll make the purchases.

• Click on the side menu of the Google Play store app
• Select "Account" then click on "Payment methods"
• Select "Bill my STC account"
• If you've added another payment method before, you need to click on the (+) sign

Congrats, you’re all set! Your purchases will be deducted from your Extra Service credit!


How can I subscribe to StarzPlay using Jawwy?

Exclusively for Jawwy, get 60 days’ free when you join StarzPlay and stream your favorite movies and shows, anytime and anywhere.

• Register at StarzPlay website using your email or Facebook
• In the payment method screen, select STC
• Enter your Jawwy number, and you'll get a verification PIN via SMS
• Enter the PIN, and you’re all set!

The service renewal fees will be deducted from you Extra services credit.


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