Get Double Data with Jawwy's SIM 70

Get Double Data with Jawwy's SIM 70

Order the Jawwy SIM 70 today and get 20 GB fast data, 500 any-network minutes plus unlimited WiFi for only 70 SAR*. Valid 30 days.


The Jawwy SIM 150 now with 20 GB & 3000 MIN

The Jawwy SIM 150 SAR now comes with 20GB, 3000 minutes + unlimited Social & YouTube for 150 SAR only*

97GB + Unlimited Social & National Calls for SAR200 only*

The Jawwy Combo 200 is available within the jawwy app or combined with a SIM from our shop.

Small amount big value

Get 1GB social, 1GB internet & 100MIN for only 30SAR*

Premium Numbers Available Now

Exclusive numbers available from as little as 299 SAR. Our Premium numbers come with 20GB data, 3000 local minutes and unlimited social. Valid for 30 days.
Grab one before it disappears!

Get access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

With our Social Pass you get 3GB free access to your favourite social apps for only 20 SAR a month

Get 30GB YouTube access every month

Buy it for 50 SAR and enjoy 1GB daily of YouTube access

Access the Internet when you travel with our Roaming Pass

Get 1GB data valid for seven days for only 100 SAR

Call abroad, send texts or buy other online services.
Using your Pay-as-you-Go credit
Share across devices
Buy data, minutes and passes and share across your Jawwy-enabled devices
Refer a friend
Get friends to join Jawwy and earn up to 100 SAR. Learn more.

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