• What is SIM70 & 10GB Social offer?

    It's a limited-time promotional SIM that gives customers:

    • 20 GB data.
    • 500 national minutes for use to all mobile operators and landline numbers (excluding calling premium numbers like 9200 & 700)
    • Unlimited access to stc wifi hotspots
    These benefits are valid for 30 days from activation. The SIM is sold for 80.5 SAR including 15% VAT and has no initial balance.

  • If I purchased the new SIM70+10GB Social offer during the offer period, will I be able to renew it later?

    Yes. If you purchased the new SIM70 offer during the offer period, you’ll be able to purchase it again over the next 90 days from the time your SIM was activated.

  • Can I gift the SIM70 offer to my friends in Jawwy?

    Yes, the benefits are giftable.

  • Can I share the SIM70 offer benefits among my devices under the same account?

    Yes, you can share the data and the minutes but not the unlimited wifi.

  • Does the SIM70 offer benefits renews automatically?

    The benefits are not auto renewable. However it’s easy to renew manually under the “Hot Deals” section of the Jawwy App.

  • If I haven’t consumed the SIM70 offer benefits, can I carry over the benefits to the next month?

    No, the benefits are valid for one month only from the time of purchase.

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