Terms and conditions

1. Your obligations

You (the customer) agree to: -

(a) Be responsible for the validity of all data and information you provide on the application form, and will be responsible for any consequences arising from the submission of incorrect or false information
(b) Register/sign up online by creating an account using your e-mail address, or your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account
(c) Keep your username and password secure and let us (Jawwy) know if you believe someone else might have logged into your account
(d) Use our services and pay the associated charges and fees for the dates specified in bills, and be fully responsible for all liabilities arising from the use of our service
(e) Respect all rules and regulations associated with our services and your usage of them
(f) Commit to updating all service- and usage-related personal information in case of any changes
(g) Be fully responsible for all your obligations around the use of our website and app, including:
• Dealing with electronic payments for costs of services
• Keeping confidential of the information and materials on the website/app, as they remain our property and we retain all associated intellectual property rights
• Avoiding misusing our website and/or damaging its assets or users
• Refraining from inflicting any electronic damage to our website and services and not attempting to break into our website or cause any damage to it or its data

2. Our obligations and rights:

(a) Service provision:
• We agree to provide you services based on the technical availability at your location and our network resources
• We agree to publish our prices on our website and app, clearly explaining all the service costs as approved by the CITC, and to update them on an ongoing basis
• We will not be liable for any damages arising from the data provided by you or from third parties or due to technical issues, while doing our best to overcome these obstacles

(b) Privacy: we will take all appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of your information and data, and not reveal it to any party in any way unless the CITC or any competent authority requests us to

(c) We reserve the right to suspend or end our service to you if:
• You breach any of the provisions or conditions set out in this Service Agreement
• You don’t update your data when requested to, or if you submit false information or data to us
• The CITC requests suspension or termination of our service

3. General provisions:

• We reserve the right to change or modify these terms and conditions or fully replace them with other new provisions, or replace on the contents of our website or app without having to notify you. Once you log in to the website/app, your agreement to the changes on the website/app is assumed.
• We reserve the right to shut down or suspend our website/app temporarily or permanently without prior notice and at any time
• We provide you services exchange for fees and charges specified in our pricing, and may reduce or increase these prices in accordance with the CITC’s regulations
In case of an error, you are entitled to complain to us during a period which does not exceed the date of renewal of the monthly plan through one of the support options, and we commit to respond to your complaint within fifteen (15) days from the date of submission, and our records shall be the binding reference between you and us

4. Refund Policy:

In the event that service quality standards are not met, compensation for the customer will be considered in line with CITC regulations.
For claims or support please contact Jawwy Care

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