The Jawwy SIM 150 with 20 GB & 3000 MIN

The Jawwy SIM 150 now comes with 20GB, 3000 minutes plus unlimited Social & YouTube

Enough data and minutes to fill your boots!

As if unlimited social was not enough, we're including 20GB of data & 3000 minutes.

Enjoy as much as you want:

Our truly unthrottled, unlimited combo 150 now gives you all the social channels you need including Snapchat and YouTube.


  • What is the new "Combo 150"?

    It's a promotional add-on which includes 20 GB for national use, 3000 national minutes to all operators and landline numbers, in addition to Unlimited Social usage for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Telegram valid for 30 days, and it is for 150 SAR (Excluding VAT).

  • Where can I buy the "Combo 150"?

    This combo is available for purchase from Jawwy App in "Shop" under "Deals!" then "Latest Deals".

  • Do I need to build a flexible plan to buy and use the "Combo 150" add-on?

    No, you don't need to do that.

  • Who can buy or subscribe for the New Double Benefits Offer of Combo 150?

    This offer is available to all our existing subscribers and new customers who can get this offer after buying a Jawwy SIM and activating it successfully.

  • Can I share the Combo 150 benefits with my numbers in the same account?

    You can only share the 3000 national minutes and 20 GB with your numbers in the same account.

    As for the Unlimited Social, you can use it by one number only, as it can't be shared or used in tethering as a Personal Hotspot.

  • What happens if I buy Combo 150 for a specific number and then un-join it from my account?

    You will lose the Unlimited Social as it can't be shared or used by other numbers in the account, even if you add that same number again, it will not be assigned back. However, you can still use and share the 3000 national minutes and 20 GB national data across the other numbers in your same account.

  • If I buy the Combo 150 for my number, then I remove that number from my account, can I use the Combo for other numbers in the same account?

    You can only use and share the 3000 national minutes and 20 GB national data, because when you remove that specific number the Unlimited Social will be removed/terminated from your account because it can't be shared or used by any other numbers in the same account.

  • If I have a flexible plan and "Combo 150", which one will be consumed first?

    If you have a flexible plan along with Combo 150, the priority of consumption for the specified social apps/websites will be from the Unlimited Social in the Combo 150. For the usage of other apps/websites, the priority of consumption will be from the one which will expire first.

  • When will the new "Combo 150" offer expire?

    The new Combo 150 offer is a limited time promotion, it will expire on May 14th, 2020.

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