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Ideas lab by Jawwy

How it works

Submit any idea you think will improve our service. You might experience something that makes you think, “why isn’t this done differently?” or see something elsewhere and think, “Why can’t I get this with Jawwy?”. Well we’re keen to hear about all your ideas because it’s only by listening to you our customers that we will improve our service. So start your idea coming now and remember, inspiration can strike at any time.

How to submit your idea

Submit your idea
  1. To submit an Idea, just hit the submit button and dive right in.
  2. Your title is your Idea – keep it short and punchy for maximum effect.
  3. The best ideas explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ as clearly as possible.
  4. If someone else has already submitted your idea, it’s better to vote for theirs than submit it again

Now I’ve submitted my idea, what happens next?

You’ll receive updates about your idea as it goes through different gates

  • Great, new idea

    Thanks, we hadn’t thought of that.

  • Already working on it

    Brilliant, it’s in development.

  • Implemented

    The idea is now a working feature of Jawwy.

  • Thanks, we’re looking into it

    We’re assessing your proposal… we’ll let you know.

  • Under consideration

    Might be tricky but we’re checking to see how we can make it work.

  • Sorry, not for us

    Thanks but this idea isn’t for us.

Make the community easily accessible

The Jawwy community is a great place to hangout however currently it is not easy to spot on your website. Could you put the community as a main navigation element on the site so that it is easy to spot, this can increase the community base much faster?

Status: Implemented
Chat should be easy to find

Reaching Jawwy support on chat is cumbersome, why don’t you make chat as an easy to find option. This will help a great deal for those who seek support.

Status: Implemented
Topping up from the app can be made more better

When I wanted to top-up my line, it took me around 3-4 minutes to find how and where to navigate on the app. I am an advanced user of apps and still it was a little difficult. Why don’t you just make the balance as a clickable element and when a user clicks on it, he lands on the top-up screen, that would make the Jawwy experience so much better.

Status: Under development

Lamp Lamp I’ve spotted a duplicate idea

Nice one, eagle eyes. You can let us know about duplicate ideas so that we can merge them with an existing idea .

Onward to Jawwy fame and glory

  1. Get an idea implemented and it’ll look mighty fine on your CV.
  2. Your ideas have the power to improve our service for all our customers.
  3. And helping others has its own rewards.